Porcelain tiles are fired at extreme temperatures and are therefore stronger and harder than other types of ceramic tiles. The material and the color is the same throughout and porcelain tiles are extremely wear-resistant. Although porcelain tiles have a matte surface, they absorb less water than other ceramic tiles, and as such, they are a superior solution for exterior walls where there is frequent exposure to moisture.

Glazed tiles have a glossy finish and color patterns may be added to the exterior surface of the tile. The glaze does not go beyond the exterior surface of the tile and the interior color will show if the tile is chipped. Although glazed tiles are less water-resistant than matte porcelain tiles, they are easier to clean due to their glossy surface.
Glazed porcelain
Glazed porcelain tiles combine the advantages of porcelain tiles and glazed tiles, thus enabling the tiles to have a porcelain body with a stain-proof and glossy finish.
Rustic tiles have greater versatility in their design as textures and colors can be added to their exterior surfaces and therefore can be used in more decorative situations. In addition to being used on exterior walls, rustic tiles are also used for interior walls and flooring. Rustic tiles were put into production in 2007.
Ultra thin
Ultra-thin tiles are only 4.0 mm thick, about half the thickness of traditional tiles. Due to their thinness, these tiles are more environmentally-friendly as the production process requires fewer raw materials and less energy and also reduce load bearing stress on exterior building walls. When used in combination with a specialized insulating material, the combination enables greater heat retention in the winter and keeps buildings cool in the summer. Ultra-thin tiles were commercialized in 2008.
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